Twitter for Mobile Devices

Twitter for Mobile Devices

Using Twitter on your mobile device

You know how to use Twitter. Now familiarize yourself with the mobile interface and learn some of the benefits of using Twitter on the go.

Notifications and other settings

Did you know that your Twitter app can notify you when you receive an @Mention or direct message? Each version of the official app is different, but each will allow you to customize your settings in some way. To learn more about these options while using your app, try the menu button on your device (if it has one) or the menu icon in the app, then navigate to Account settings.

A Screenshot of Twitter on an Android PhoneThe Twitter for Android settings page

Twitter mobile interface

In this example, we will take a look at Twitter for Android. If your device is not an Android, don't worry. Your app may not have the same interface, but they're all designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Many of the features will be familiar to you from having used Twitter on the Web.

You can also try the swipe gesture instead of tapping the tweet to access the same options without leaving your timeline.

Options using swipe on AndroidOptions using swipe on Android