Who to Follow

Who to Follow

About your Twitter timeline

Stream. Feed. Timeline. It goes by many names. It's the place where you receive updates—in the form of tweets—from the people, companies, and organizations you follow. The more people you follow, the more tweets you see in your timeline. The most recent tweets appear at the top.

A screenshot of TwitterThe Twitter timeline

This is where the Twitter experience really begins. Your timeline is constantly updating (maybe even right now!) to reflect what's going on in your world. If your life revolves around news and politics, you'll be able to follow updates from trusted sources—even grassroots, eyewitness accounts—as the news takes place. If you love technology, there's no shortage of developments to be shared and talked about with your peers.

Depending on your point of view, this either sounds exhilarating or intimidating. It can be difficult to keep up, but you should never feel pressured. Just enjoy Twitter when you can, whether you have the time to check it every day or only once a week. For those of you who'd like to take it a step further, there are several tools and features (provided by Twitter and even other sites) that are designed to help you manage your account and stay informed.

Have you noticed the Promoted Tweet Icon icon below some tweets? That's the promoted tweet badge, which indicates that a company has paid for a tweet to appear in your timeline. Twitter will try to show only promoted tweets that appeal to you, but sometimes you may prefer to ignore them altogether.

A screenshot of TwitterA promoted tweet

Ways to manage your timeline

These tools are optional, but they have the potential to improve your Twitter experience regardless of how many people you follow. Experiment to see which ones you like.