Security and Maintenance

In Windows 10 security is important, and so is Windows 10 maintenance. Learn what you need to keep everything safe.

Updating Windows

In order to keep your computer secure, Microsoft will automatically provide regular updates to your computer. These include important security updates, as well as new features. You can also check for updates manually and choose when they'll be installed. To do this, open the Settings app, then choose Updates & security. From here, you can check for updates or use the drop-down menu to choose your installation preferences:

windows update preferences

To defer updates:

In some cases, the new features introduced in an update won't work correctly. If you'd prefer not to receive these features right away, you can defer them. This won't prevent updates from being installed eventually, but it does mean you won't receive them immediately upon release. This way, if there are any problems with a future update your computer is less likely to be affected.

  1. From the Update & Security settings, select Advanced options.
    accessing advanced update options
  2. Click the check box for Defer upgrades.
    clicking the checkbox for defer upgrades
  3. Your Windows updates will be deferred. Note that you'll continue to receive important security updates from Microsoft automatically.

You can read this page from Microsoft to learn more about how deferred updates are installed.

Backup and recovery

Windows 10 can help protect your files from accidental loss by creating a backup on an external hard drive. Should anything happen to your computer, you can rest easy knowing your files are still safe and secure.

To do this, go to Update & Security in the Settings app, then select Backup. From here, you can assign an external hard drive as your backup disc—just select Add a drive to get started.

adding a drive to back up Windows files

If you ever need to recover lost files or reset your copy of Windows, you'll use the options in the Recovery settings.

recovery options in Windows 10

You can also review this lesson from our Tech Savvy Tips & Tricks tutorial to learn more about the basics of backing up your files.