Getting Started with Windows 7

If you are just getting started with Windows 7 read this free lesson, which covers Windows 7 getting started and more.

Taskbar features

Launch the video! Watch the video (1:33).

Microsoft has improved the taskbar by making it easier to view and access files and windows.

Watch the video to view the improvements to the taskbar.

The taskbar view

When multiple windows are open in a program, the icon will look "stacked" on the taskbar.

TaskbarStacked icons on the taskbar

Pin a program to the taskbar

You can Pin programs to the taskbar and access them with a single click of the mouse.

Access a Jump List

A Jump List is like a mini-menu for a program. It allows quick access to recent files, frequently viewed items, performance tasks, and more. For example, you can select frequently used websites with a simple click from the Internet Explorer Jump List.