Downloading Apps from the Windows Store

When using Windows 8 Windows Store apps are available on your desktop. Learn all about Windows 8 downloading from the store here.

Installing apps

The store features thousands of apps that you can download and install. Many are free or moderately priced, making it easy to find and enjoy new apps. Your downloaded apps will be associated with your Microsoft account, so you'll only have to purchase apps once.

To install an app:

  1. From the Store, locate and select the app you wish to install.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking an app
  2. The app information page will appear. If the app is free, click the Install button. If the app has a price, click the Buy button and then follow the directions on the screen. You'll be able to add or edit your credit card information if desired.
    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking the Install button
  3. The app will begin downloading and will be installed automatically. A notification will appear when the app has been installed.

    Screenshot of Windows 8An app installation notification
  4. The installed app will appear on the Start screen.

    Screenshot of Windows 8The installed app on the Start screen

You can try certain apps for a limited time before deciding to purchase them. Just click the Try button (when available) to download a demo of the app.

Screenshot of Windows 8Downloading a demo of an app

You may find some apps in the store that are designed to work only in the Desktop view. After navigating to the app information page, click Go to publisher's website and then follow the instructions to download and install the app.

Screenshot of Windows 8Installing a Desktop app from the Store

To uninstall an app:

  1. Locate and right-click the desired app on the Start screen, then select Uninstall.

    Screenshot of Windows 8
  2. A dialog box will appear. Select Uninstall.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Uninstalling an app
  3. The app will be uninstalled from your computer.
Installing apps to another Windows 8 device