Getting Started with Windows 8

If you're new to Windows 8 getting started can be confusing. This free lesson offers tips on how to get started with this operating system.

Navigating Windows 8

There are several ways to navigate through Windows 8, including hot corners, keyboard shortcuts, and gestures if you're using a tablet.

Using hot corners

Whether you're in the Start screen or the Desktop, you can navigate through Windows 8 by using hot corners. To use a hot corner, just hover the mouse in the corner of the screen, and it will open a toolbar or tile that you can click. Each corner performs a different task:

If you have several apps open, you can switch between them by hovering the mouse in the upper-left corner and then moving the mouse down. This displays a list of all of your open apps, and you can click the desired app to switch to it.

Screenshot of Windows 8Switching to a different app

Navigating on a tablet

If you have a Windows 8 tablet, you can navigate by using swipe gestures instead of hot corners: