Managing Your Files and Folders

In Windows 8 managing files can be accomplished using File Explorer. When using Windows 8 managing folders works the same way.

Searching with File Explorer

In addition to the Search feature found on the Charms bar, you can also search for files directly from File Explorer using the Search bar. File Explorer also offers more advanced search options, which can be especially helpful if you're having trouble finding a specific file.

To use the Search bar:

  1. Locate and select the Search bar in File Explorer.
  2. Enter a file name or keyword. Your search results will appear as you type.
Screenshot of Windows 8Searching for a file

The Search Tools tab

Whenever you enter a term into the search bar, the Search Tools tab will open automatically on the Ribbon. This tab gives you access to advanced search options, which allow you to limit your search by file type, size and date modified, view your recent searches, and more.

Screenshot of Windows 8The Search Tools tab