Personalizing Your Start Screen

Learn about the Windows 8 personalization features on your computer in this free lesson so your Start screen looks how you want.

Customizing your Start screen apps

If you don't like the way your apps are arranged on the Start screen, you can rearrange them by moving them wherever you want. You may also find that the animated live tiles are too distracting, and you can easily turn them off so they will display a plain background with no animation.

To move an app:

  1. Click, hold, and drag the app to the desired location.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Moving an app
  2. Release the mouse. The app will move to the new location.

    Screenshot of Windows 8The app in its new location

To turn a live tile off:

  1. Right-click the app you want to change.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Right-clicking a live tile
  2. A toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click Turn live tile off, and the tile will change to a plain background.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Turning a live tile off