Security and Maintenance

Within Windows 8 security is paramount, as is Windows 8 maintenance. Learn more about how Windows 8 protects your computer here.

The Action Center

The Action Center is a centralized place to view security and maintenance messages, making it easier to identify and solve problems with your computer. The Action Center can be accessed from the Desktop view.

To open the Action Center:

If you have any important messages, the flag icon on the taskbar will display a red X symbol red flag icon.

  1. To open the Action Center, click the flag icon on the taskbar.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking the Action Center icon in the taskbar
  2. Any current messages will appear.
  3. Click Open Action Center to respond to any current messages.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Opening the Action Center

Solving issues with the Action Center:

Your current messages are displayed in the Action Center pane. A red bar indicates your most important messages, while a yellow bar indicates those that do not require immediate attention. A button will appear to the right of a message if a solution exists for the security or maintenance issue.

Some messages are simply notifications and do not indicate a problem with your computer. These messages will not include a solution button, but they may still have important information or instructions.