Using the Mail App

The Windows 8 Mail app is where you can manage and view your email messages. Learn more about using the app in this free lesson.

Sending email:

You'll use the Compose pane to write and send messages from the Mail app. From here, you'll add the email address of the recipient(s), the subject, and the body of the email, which is the message itself.

To compose a new message:

  1. Locate and select the New Message button.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking the New Message button
  2. The Compose pane will appear.

    Screenshot of Windows 8The Compose pane
  3. You'll need to add one or more recipients. There are two ways to add recipients: You can either type one or more email addresses, separated by commas, or select the word To to choose recipients from your contacts.

  4. If you choose to add a recipient from your contacts, the People app will open. Choose the desired contact(s), and then select Add.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Adding a recipient from the People app
  5. Type a Subject for the message.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Adding a Subject to the message
  6. Type the body of the message. If you want to attach a file, save a draft, or include special formatting, such as font styles, bolding, or italics, right-click to open a menu at the bottom of the screen.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Compose options with the right-click menu
  7. When you are satisfied, click the Send button. The message will be sent, and the inbox will appear.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking the Send button

If a recipient is already one of your contacts, you can start typing that person's first name, last name, or email address, and the contact will appear below the To field. Press Enter to add the contact as a recipient.

Screenshot of Windows 8Adding an existing contact as a recipient