Using the Mail App

The Windows 8 Mail app is where you can manage and view your email messages. Learn more about using the app in this free lesson.

Reading and replying to messages

By default, any email you receive will go to your inbox. Unread emails are always bold.

Screenshot of Windows 8Unread emails in the inbox

To read and reply to a message:

  1. From the Mail app, locate and select the message you want to read.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Selecting a message
  2. The message will appear on the right side of the screen in the Message pane.
    Screenshot of Windows 8Viewing the selected message in the Message pane
  3. To reply to the message, click the Reply button, and then select your reply option from the drop-down menu.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Choosing reply options
  4. The Compose pane will appear. Type your message. When you are satisfied, click the Send button to send your message.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Replying to a message