Using the Mail App

The Windows 8 Mail app is where you can manage and view your email messages. Learn more about using the app in this free lesson.

Adding multiple accounts

If you use more than one email account—for example, one for personal email and one for work email—you can add multiple accounts to the Mail app, allowing you to read all of your messages from the same place.

To add an account:

  1. In the Mail app, hover the mouse in the lower-right corner to access the Charms bar, then select Settings.
    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking settings
  2. The Settings pane will appear on the right. Select Accounts.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking Accounts
  3. The Accounts pane will appear. Click Add an account.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Adding an account
  4. Select the service you wish to use. In our example, we'll add a Yahoo! account.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Selecting an account
  5. Enter your username and password, then click Connect.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking Connect
  6. Your account will be connected, and email will appear automatically in your inbox. Any contacts from the account will also be imported into the People app.

    Screenshot of Windows 8The synced inbox

To switch between inboxes:

If you have multiple email accounts connected to the Mail App, you will need to switch between inboxes to view all your messages.

  1. Locate and select the desired account in the lower-left corner of the Mail app.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Switching between inboxes
  2. The selected inbox will appear.

    Screenshot of Windows 8The selected inbox