Using the Mail App

The Windows 8 Mail app is where you can manage and view your email messages. Learn more about using the app in this free lesson.

Modifying account settings

If you want to control how often email will be downloaded to the Mail app, change your email signature, or choose additional options for your connected email accounts, you'll need to modify your account settings.

To modify account settings:

  1. In the Mail app, hover the mouse in the lower-right corner to access the Charms bar, then select Settings.
  2. The Settings pane will appear. Select Accounts.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Clicking Accounts
  3. The Accounts pane will appear. Select the account you wish to modify. In our example, we'll choose Gmail.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Selecting an account
  4. The account settings will appear. You may have to scroll down to see all of the settings. Change the settings as desired.

    Screenshot of Windows 8Account settings for Gmail