Customizing the Desktop

Learn about Windows 98 desktop customization in this free lesson.


In the early days of computing, screensavers helped prevent images from being burned into the screen. Now, they entertain us and enhance our work or home environment.

Windows comes with several built-in screensavers. You can select one and activate a password protection feature that lets you protect computer documents from roaming eyes.

To change your screensaver settings:

  • Click Start. Start button
  • Choose SettingsactionActive Desktopaction Customize my Desktop.
  • The Display Properties box appears with several options.
  • Click the Screen Saver tab.
  • It's fun to click through the Screen Saver list and view each one on the small monitor in the dialog box. You can also view each option on your computer screen by clicking preview. Press any key on your keyboard to return to the dialog box.
  • After previewing the various options, choose the option you want to appear on your computer screen.
  • Click OK.

Display Properties dialog box with Screen Saver tab displayed