Finding Files

When using Windows 98 finding files can be confusing. This free lesson offers tips and tricks for finding files in Windows 98.

Searching by words

If you forgot the name of a file or the date it was created, changed, or last accessed, you can still search for it using its content.

For example, you may have forgotten where you put Aunt Maggie's apple pie recipe on your computer. You do, however, recall that you used the words "awesome mouthwatering pie" to describe it.

To search by words only:

  • Click the Name & Location tab in the Find: All Files dialog box.
  • In the Containing text: field, type a piece of information related to the file you're looking for.
  • Follow the search procedures outlined earlier in this lesson.

Find All Files Dialog Box

Important point When searching by words, use very specific words that are likely to appear in the document you're looking for but not in other documents. This will reduce the search time.