Magnifier and Mouse Settings

Learn how to use the Windows 98 Magnifier feature and the Windows 98 mouse settings available to you in this free lesson.

Using the Magnifier

If you opened the Accessibility Wizard, you probably know Windows 98 offers a feature that allows you to magnify a page. You don't have to use the Accessibility Wizard to activate this tool.

To use the Magnifier:

  • Click Start.
  • Choose ProgramsactionAccessoriesactionAccessibilityactionMagnifier.
  • The Magnifier dialog box appears.

Magnifier Dialog Box

  • Under options, choose the magnification level you want by clicking on the up or down arrow.
  • Choose other options such as Follow the mouse cursor, Follow keyboard focus, and Follow text editing.
  • A magnified screen appears in the background.
  • Click OK when you have set your options, or click Exit to turn off the Magnifier.