Magnifier and Mouse Settings

Learn how to use the Windows 98 Magnifier feature and the Windows 98 mouse settings available to you in this free lesson.

Changing double-click speed

If your mouse speed is too fast or too slow, you can change or adjust it.

To change the double-click speed of your mouse:

  • Click Start.
  • Choose SettingsactionControl Panel.
  • Double-click the Mouse icon.

Mouse Icon

  • The Mouse Properties dialog box appears.
  • Click the buttons tab.
  • Click the little box in the Text area to check your double-click speed.
  • If your double-click speed is too slow, it might be difficult to get the computer to perform tasks. A bouncing clown pops out of the box if Windows recognizes your double-click. If you double-click again, the clown goes back into the box.
  • Click and drag the knob on the slider bar to increase or decrease the double-click speed of the mouse.
  • Click OK when you have the speed you want.
  • Close the Mouse Properties window.