Parts of the Window

Learn about the Windows 98 window and its various parts in this free lesson.

Windows 98 Bars and Buttons

The numerous bars and buttons of Windows 98 help you access applications and control the way your computer works.

lesson arrowThe taskbar is a gray horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. It shows the names of the open programs and folders.


lesson arrowThe Quick Launch toolbar on the taskbar allows you to quickly access some features you may use often, such as Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, and the desktop.

Quick Launch toolbar

lesson arrowThe Control Menu button is the icon (picture) at the far left end of the title bar. The Control Menu button opens a menu that you can use to control the window.

Control menu button

lesson arrowThe Close button is at the far right end of the title bar. It looks like a box with an X in it. You can click the Close button to close a window or exit an application.

Close button