The Desktop

Learn how to use the Windows 98 desktop in this free lesson.

The Start menu

When you click the Start button, a pop-up menu (the Start menu) appears. The Start menu shows all of the applications that are on your computer. It also lists several options, including Shutdown, Help, Find, and Programs.

If you select Programs, a pop-up menu appears. Pop-up menus like this are called cascading menus. If a cascading menu is available, a small black triangle appears next to the name of the application or function.

In the example below, the Microsoft Excel program has been selected.

Launching Excel

To start Windows and view the Start menu:

  • Click the Start button. Start button
  • Move the mouse pointer to each option, and view the various cascading menus.
  • Choose Programs.
  • Move the mouse pointer to the right, and view other cascading menus.
  • To exit the menus, click outside the menu area or press Esc on your keyboard.