Searching for Files and Folders

Learn how to search for Windows XP files and folders in this free lesson.

Using the Search Companion

Depending on which option you choose, you're presented with various ways to conduct your search.

Let's say you choose to search All Files and Folders link for a particular file. The Search Companion prompts you with questions to help you refine your search. It's helpful if you can remember something about the missing file, such as all or part of the file name, file type, when you last worked with the file, a word or phrase in the file, or what drive it's on. The more criteria contained in your search, the more refined the search becomes.

To search using the Search Companion:

  1. Enter as much information as you can remember into the Search Companion.
  2. Click the drop-down arrows to add more criteria.
  3. Use the Back button if necessary.
  4. Click Search.
Search Companion