Align Buttons

Aligning text in Word is easier than you think. Review this free lesson to learn all about the align text Word feature.

To align text using the alignment buttons:

  • Select or click anywhere inside the paragraph you want to align.
  • Click the align left, center, align right, or justify button on the Formatting toolbar.

Formatting buttons

Left-align text: Word's default lines up objects to the left with a ragged right edge.

Left aligned text.

Center text: This centers selected text, numbers, and inline objects.

Centered text

Right-align text: Selected text, numbers, and inline objects are aligned to the right with a ragged left edge.

Right aligned text

Justify text: This aligns selected text, numbers, and inline objects to both the left and right margin indents, and gives text a straight edge margin on both the right and left sides.

Justified text