Drawing Objects

In Word objects are used to help make your document standout. Learn all about using and formatting objects in Word in this lesson.

Creating drawing objects

Access Word's drawing tools on the Drawing toolbar.

  • Choose ViewactionToolbars actionDrawing.

  • Right-click any toolbar and select Drawing.

  • Click the Drawing button on the Standard toolbar.

Drawing Toolbar.

The Drawing toolbar has two sets of drawing tools: AutoShapes and WordArt.

Using AutoShapes

Use AutoShapes to insert lines, scribbles, basic shapes, and text boxes into your presentation.

To access AutoShapes:

  1. Choose ViewactionToolbarsactionDrawing. The Drawing toolbar opens.
  2. Choose an AutoShape from the AutoShape drop-down menu.

  3. Click any of the drawing tools in the first group of buttons.
    Drawing tools.
  4. The mouse pointer changes to a crosshair Crosshair..
  5. Drag the crosshair from a starting point until the object is the desired size.
  6. Release the mouse button to end the drawing object and turn off the Drawing tool.

Check this outHold down the Shift key to create straight lines, perfect circles, and perfect squares.

Check this outAutoShapes are inserted (on their own layer) with the In front of text wrapping style applied.