Editing Tables

Editing tables in Word can help organize content in different ways. When using Word tables can be used for text and numerical data.

Modifying table structure

While it's easier to enter the exact number of rows and columns when you create a table, you will find that you may need to add or delete a row or column as you're working.

Insert table dialog box.

To add rows:

  • Move the insertion point to the last cell in the table and press the Tab key.

To insert rows in the middle of the table:

  • Place the insertion point anywhere in the table.
  • Choose Tablelesson actionInsertlesson actionRows above OR Rows below.

To delete rows:

  • Select the row(s) you want to delete.
  • Choose TableactionDeleteactionRows


  • Right-click and choose Delete Rows from the shortcut menu.

If you select a single table cell rather than an entire row:

  • Choose TableactionDeleteactionCells from the menu bar. The Delete Cells dialog box appears.
  • Click Shift cells left, Shift cells up, Delete entire row, or Delete entire column.

Delete cells dialog box.

To insert a column:

  • Position the mouse pointer where you want to column to be located.
  • Choose TableactionInsertactionInsert Columns to the Right or Insert Columns to the Left.