Font Size

Format text to improve Word documents. Learn how to change the font, change font size, change font color, and change text alignment.

Changing font size

The Font dialog box also allows you to change the size of a font. You can use different font sizes to give emphasis to different parts of your document. Font size is commonly expressed in points. Font sizes range from 8 point (extremely small) to 72 point (extremely large).

Arial 10 Point

Arial 12 Point

Arial 20 Point

Arial 26 Point

The standard font size for most documents is 12 point. You can preview different font sizes in the preview window in the Font dialog box.

To change font and font size:

  • Choose FormatactionFont. The Font dialog box appears.
  • Click a font from the font list.
  • Select a size from the font size list.
  • Look at the text in the preview window as you try different sizes.