Print Preview and Print

Printing in Word 2000 is easier than you think. Learn how to use the Word 2000 printing feature in this free lesson.

Using Print Preview

Print Preview allows you to see how your file looks before you print, preventing a waste of paper and ink.

To access Print Preview (first method):

Important pointChoose FileactionPrint Preview from the menu bar.

print preview menu

To access Print Preview (second method):

Important pointClick the Print Preview button print preview icon on the Standard toolbar.

Once you have accessed Print Preview, your document will now be in Print Preview mode. It will look something like this:


Print Preview mode displays how your file is formatted. If you want to take a closer look, use the zoom feature. The zoom feature zooms in closer, giving you a better view of your file.

Let's zoom in and take a look at the Print Preview toolbar:

print preview toolbar

  • The Print button prints a file.
  • The View Ruler button displays the vertical and horizontal rulers. Rulers help edit margin settings.
  • If your file consists of multiple pages, the Multiple Pages button allows you to either view one page or several pages at a time.
  • Use zoom, then use the scroll bars to view your file.
  • Use the Shrink to Fit button to fit your information to one page.
  • If you want to exit or close Print Preview, click Close on the Print Preview toolbar.