Selecting Text

Selecting text in Word is easier than you think. Review this free lesson to learn all about the select text Word feature.

The Word window

When you're creating a document, you might want to change the way text appears.

Before you can change the font style, size, or color—or replace or delete text—you must first select it.

Here's a quick rule of thumb:

  1. Select what you want to change.
  2. Make your changes.

Check this outThere are several different selection techniques. Soon ,you'll be selecting and manipulating text like a pro!

First method: Click and drag to select text

  • Move your pointer until the I-Beam (insertion point) is next to the text you want to edit.
  • Click the left mouse button.
  • Without releasing the mouse button, drag the insertion point to select text.
  • Release the left mouse button when you have selected the text you want to change.


  • It highlights letters, words, and even entire documents.
  • There's a lot of control with individual letters, words, and phrases.


  • A lack of control may cause speedy selecting, which selects an entire document when you don't want it to; and backward selecting, which selects text to the right when you want to select text to the left and vice versa.