Spell and Grammar Check

Using spell check in Word can prevent errors from appearing. Use the Word spell check function to produce error-free Word documents.

Checking spelling as you type

Word puts a red wavy line under possible spelling mistakes.

Spelling errors

To check spelling as you type:

Spelling corrections

  • Hover your I-beam over the misspelled word and right-click.
  • A shortcut menu displays the following options: boldfaced suggested spellings, Ignore All, Add, or Spelling.
    • Select the boldfaced suggestion to replace the incorrectly spelled word in the document.
    • Select Ignore All, and Word bypasses all future instances of this spelling in the document.
    • Select Add, and Word adds the underlined word to the dictionary so it won't be flagged as an error in any other document you create.
  • If you select spelling, the Spelling and Grammar dialog box appears.