Spell and Grammar Check

Using spell check in Word can prevent errors from appearing. Use the Word spell check function to produce error-free Word documents.

Correcting spelling and grammar in an entire document

If you want, you can wait until you've finished working on a document to check spelling and grammar.

To access the Spelling and Grammar feature:

  • Choose ToolsactionSpelling and Grammar from the menu bar.

  • Click the Spell check button on the Standard toolbar. Spell check button

  • Press F7.

If you see spelling corrections needed in the lower-right of the Status bar, you know you have mistakes to correct.

As you type, a check mark moves from page to page on the book icon. When you stop typing, a red check mark remains, telling you no spelling errors were detected by automatic spell checking. spell check OK

If an X appears on the book icon, it indicates that mistakes exist in your document.