Using tables in Word can help organize content in different ways. When using Word tables can be used for text and numerical data.

Working with tables

You have learned how to present information in parallel columns using tabs and columns in Word. Using Word's Tables feature, you can format, edit, delete, and move text without affecting the rest of your document.

It's easier to know how many columns and rows you need before you create a table.

To create tables using the Insert Table dialog box:

  • Choose TableInsert Table from the menu bar. The Insert Table dialog box appears.
  • Determine the number of columns and rows you need in your table. You can add more later, but save yourself some work. You can always add rows by pressing the Tab key at the end of a row.
  • To create a table as wide as your page, leave the Fixed Column Width setting on Auto.
  • Click OK. A table is inserted into your document.

Insert table dialog box.