Using Templates

Templates for Microsoft Word let you create documents quickly. Use Word templates to also ensure a consistent design throughout.

Formatting text

Formatting your writing helps communicate your message. Word allows you to format text two ways:

Manually: Formatting text manually allows a great degree of creativity and control.


Template: This gives documents a more consistent look and feel.

In previous lessons, you learned to format text manually. In this lesson, you'll learn how to format text using templates.

Formatting text using templates

Word provides three types of templates:

  • Themes: Color schemes, background images, bullets, fonts, horizontal lines, etc.
  • Style templates: One or more styles for creating common types of documents such as fax cover pages, memos, business letters, and resumes
  • Styles: Defines the format for a paragraph using specific margins, font sizes, or underlining; using style, you apply an entire group of formatting characteristics in one simple task