Using Templates

Templates for Microsoft Word let you create documents quickly. Use Word templates to also ensure a consistent design throughout.

Style templates

A template is a document that contains the basic formatting, text, and graphics you would use in a particular kind of document. Opening a template allows you create a new document without taking the time to format everything yourself.

Using a style template, you select the text in the template and replace it with your own text. Templates also automate common tasks, such as inserting the current date and time into your document.

The templates available in Word are accessed through the New dialog box.

To choose a style template:

  • Choose FormatactionTheme.
  • The Theme dialog box appears, showing the theme in your current document.
  • Click the Style Gallery button (located at the bottom of the dialog box).
  • Click the style templates listed in the Template box, such as Professional Fax or Elegant Memo. Scroll through the list to see more choices.
  • To preview a style template, click one of the following option buttons in the preview section on the lower-left:
    • Document: Shows you what your current open document will look like with the selected style template
    • Example: Shows how a typical document can look with the selected style template
    • Style Sample: Shows the different styles that make up the style template
  • Click OK.

Check this outIf your document does not display as a style template, it may not be appropriate for that particular style. For example, a business letter will not display as an Elegant Resume.

Example of Memo template.