Using the Page Setup Dialog Box

Learn how to use the Word 2000 page setup dialog box in this free lesson.

Other tips for setting up margins

  • Click the default button in the lower-left corner to set (or reset) Word's default margins.
  • You can choose to apply these new margins to the entire document or from this point forward.
  • Gutter position: In a document with two-sided pages, the term gutter refers to a margin setting that adds extra space to the side or top margin of a document you plan to bind. A gutter margin ensures the binding doesn't hide text. The default gutter position is left. You shouldn't need to change the gutter default. In left-to-right documents, the gutters of odd-numbered pages are always on the left, and the gutters of even-numbered pages are always on the right.
  • Mirror margins: Mirror margins are used when printing bound documents.
  • To change the mirror margins for part of a document:
    • Select the text.
    • In the Apply to: box, click Selected text.
    • Word automatically inserts section breaks before and after the text with the new margin settings.
    • If your document is already divided into sections, you can click a section or select multiple sections, then change the margins.