Using the Paragraph Dialog Box

Learn how to use the Word 2000 paragraph dialog box in this free lesson.

Paragraph spacing

The paragraph spacing option allows you to add additional space between paragraphs, headings, or subheadings as you type your document. Extra spacing between paragraphs adds emphasis and makes a document easier to read.

You can choose extra space:

  • Before each paragraph
  • After each paragraph
  • Before and after each paragraph

To specify paragraph spacing:

  • Select the paragraph you want to format.
  • Choose FormatactionParagraph from the menu bar.
  • The Paragraph dialog box appears.
  • Click the Indents and Spacing tab.
    • Alignment: Choose left, right, center, or justified.
    • Indentation: Adjust the left and right margins by clicking the up and down arrows.
    • Spacing: To emphasize a block of text, click the up and down arrows.
    • Preview: This gives an idea of how your text will look.