Using the Ruler

When using Word Ruler functions let you manipulate margins, tabs, and indents. Learn how to use the Ruler Word feature to format text.

Setting tabs with the ruler

Word offers five types of tabs you can set on the ruler. These tab buttons are located to the left of the ruler:

  • Left tab Left tab icon : Moves text toward the right edge of the page as you type
  • Center tab Center tab icon : Centers text around the tab
  • Right tab Right tab icon : Moves text toward the left edge of the page as you type
  • Decimal tab Decimaltab icon : Aligns decimal numbers using the decimal point

    For example:

    Example of numbers aligned by their decimal points
  • Bar tab Bar tab icon : Draws a vertical line on the document

To place a tab on the ruler:

  • Click the cursor anywhere in the block of text you want to format.
  • Click the tab selection button (upper-left next to tab).
  • Click the ruler where you want your tab to be set.
  • Press the Tab key to move your text to the new tab.