Identifying Parts of the Word Window

If you're just getting started with Word 2003, learn the parts of the Word window in this free lesson.

Operating the new drop-down menus

To open a menu:

  • Click on a menu name on the menu bar.
  • View the commands listed under the drop-down menu.
  • With the menu open, drag the mouse pointer to a command, then click on it to select the command. (As you drag your mouse pointer over the commands, each command is highlighted in blue.)

    Save Command
  • If there is a small black triangle next to a command, hover the mouse pointer over the command with the triangle and a cascading menu with additional options will appear. Point and click to make a selection from the cascading menu.

    Cascading Menu
  • Commands that are not used often in 2003 are initially hidden from the viewer. If you do not see all commands on a menu, click on the double arrows at the bottom of the drop-down menu. You can also double-click the menu to expand it.

    Double Arrows on Pull Down Menu