Working with Diagrams and Charts

Learn all about using diagrams in Word 2003 and charts in Word 2003 in this free lesson.


By the end of this module, you should be able to:

Creating and modifying diagrams and charts

Word allows you to create basic diagrams using the templates in the Diagram Gallery. The six diagram types are: Organization Chart, Cycle Diagram, Radial Diagram, Pyramid Diagram, Venn Diagram, and Target Diagram. A description of each type of diagram is included in the Diagram Gallery to help you decide which template will best meet your needs.

To insert a diagram from the Diagram Gallery:

To modify a diagram:

Because each diagram is completely different, the modifications you can make will differ depending on the diagram you insert. However, the tools you use to modify the diagrams are the same.

You can:

To insert a chart: