Working with Pictures

Adding pictures in Word documents can illustrate important information. Learn all about using this feature in this free lesson.

Changing the appearance of your pictures

Sometimes you may need to adjust the sizing of your pictures as well as the brightness. You can adjust your picture using the Picture toolbar.

To use the Picture toolbar:

  • Right-click the picture.
  • Choose Show Picture toolbar from the shortcut menu.

CompleteCrop, Recolor Object, and Set Transparent Color buttons are used with areas of the picture. All other buttons affect the entire picture.

Picture Toolbar

Name of button:

Use it to:

Insert picture from file. Insert Picture from File Insert another picture
Image Color Color Automatic, Grayscale, Black & White, or Watermark
More Contrast More Contrast Increase color intensity
Less contrast Less Contrast Decrease color intensity
More brightness More Brightness Add white to lighten all colors
Less brightness Less Brightness Add black to darken the color
Crop Crop Cut the sides of an image
Crop Rotate Left Each click turns the image by 90 degrees to the left
Line style Line Style Customize the border of an image
Compress Pictures Compress Pictures Change the resolution of an image
Text wrap. Text Wrap Set how text wraps around the image
Format Picture Format Picture Displays the Format Picture dialog box
Set transparant color. Set Transparant Color Use eyedropper to make areas of the picture transparent
Reset picture. Reset Picture Return picture to original format