Setting Up Your Word Environment

Get Microsoft Office help using the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and the ruler to produce documents in MS Word 2007.

Tasks to set up and use Word

To minimize and maximize the Ribbon:

Maximize and Minimize Ribbon

The check mark beside Minimize the Ribbon indicates that the feature is active.

The new tabbed Ribbon system replaces traditional menus in Word 2007. It is designed to be responsive to your current task and easy to use; however, you can choose to minimize the Ribbon if you would rather use different menus or keyboard shortcuts.

To add commands to the Quick Access toolbar:

Quick Access toolbar

The Save, Undo, and Redo commands appear by default in the Quick Access toolbar. You may want to add other commands to make using specific Word features more convenient for you.

To display or hide the Ruler:

Display Ruler

The View Ruler icon works as a toggle button to turn the Ruler on and off.