Using SmartArt Graphics

Using SmartArt in Word documents lets you communicate with graphics in Word documents instead of only using text.

To move shapes using the Promote or Demote commands:

Promote or Demote

The Promote and Demote commands allow you to move shapes and customize the graphic instead of having to use the predefined default illustration.

To change the graphic style:

Change Graphic

Click the More arrow to see all of the style options. Hover over each to display a live preview of the style in your document.

To change the color scheme:

Explore the options in the Layout group if you want to switch to another graphic but keep the existing text. You also can select the Format tab to access additional formatting options, including fill, text, and line color.

Some of the options will differ from graphic to graphic. Look carefully at the SmartArt Tools tabs, and explore the active commands.