Working with Lists

In MS Word bulleted lists can help arrange Word documents so they are clearer. In Word numbered lists can do the same thing.


Working with ListsBulleted and numbered lists can be used in your documents to arrange and format text to draw emphasis. In this lesson, you will learn how to modify existing bullets, insert new bulleted and numbered lists, and select symbols as bullets.

Using bulleted and numbered lists

To insert a new list:

Bulleted or Numbered Lists

To remove numbers or bullets from a list, select the list and click the Bullets or Numbering commands.

To select an alternate bullet or numbering style:

Using bulleted lists

To use a symbol as a bullet:

Click Symbol
Select Font Drop-down

You can use a picture as a bullet. Click the Picture button in the Define New Bullet dialog box, then locate the image file on your computer.

To change the bullet color:

Select Font Dialog Box

You can also change the bullet font and formatting in the Font dialog box.


Use the resume or any Word template you choose to complete this challenge.