Working with Shapes

In Word shapes can be added and altered to add clarity and visual appeal. Use shapes in Word for all types of Word documents.


ShapesYou can add a variety of shapes to your document, including arrows, callouts, squares, stars, and flow chart symbols. Want to offset your name and address from the rest of your resume? Use a line. Need to show the progress of a document through your office? Use a flow chart. While you may not need shapes in every document you create, they can add visual appeal and clarity to many documents.

In this lesson, you will learn how to insert a shape and format it by changing its fill color, outline color, shape style, and shadow effects. Additionally, you will learn to apply 3D effects to shapes that have this option.

Using shapes

To insert a shape:

To change shape style:

Format Tab with Drawing Tools
Shape Styles

To change the shape fill color:

Shape Fill

To change the shape outline:

To change to a different shape:

Change Shape

To change shadow effects:

Shadow Effects

Select Shadow Color from the menu, and choose a color from the palette to change the color of the shadow on your shape.

To change 3D effects:

You cannot add a 3D effect to all shapes.

3D Effects

After you have chosen a 3D effect, you can change other elements of your shape, including the color, depth, direction, lighting, and surface of the 3D effect on your shape. This can dramatically change the way the shape looks. You can access these options by clicking the 3-D Effects command.


Use the flyer or any other Word document you choose to complete this challenge.