Working with Headers and Footers

In Word headers and footers can keep pages organized and can give Word documents a more professional look.

To remove content controls:

By default, some of the built-in headers and footers have snippets of text that are called content controls. Content controls can contain information such as the document title or company name, and they allow you to enter this information into a form field.

Form fields Form fields

However, you'll often just want to type a normal header without any content controls. To do this, you'll need to remove any content control fields from the header or footer.

  1. With the header or footer section active, right-click the content control field you want to remove. A drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Click Remove Content Control. The content control field will disappear.
    Removing Content Control Removing Content Control

Other header and footer options

There are many other header and footer options you can use to design these sections of your document. You can review the Header & Footer Tools Design tab to view and explore these options.

The Design Tab The Design Tab