Using tables in Word can help organize content in different ways. When using Word tables can be used for text and numerical data.

Modifying a table using the Layout tab

When you select a table in Word 2013, the Layout tab appears under Table Tools on the Ribbon. From the Layout tab, you can make a variety of modifications to the table.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn about the different ways you can modify a table with the Layout tab.

labeled graphic

Change Text Direction

Making the text vertical can add style to your table, and it allows you to fit more columns in your table.

Align Cell Text

By changing the alignment of a cell, you can control exactly where the text is located. In the example below, the cell text is aligned to the right.

Distribute Rows/Columns

To keep your table looking neat and organized, you may want to distribute the rows or columns equally, which makes them all the same size. You can distribute the rows or columns for the entire table or just a portion of it.

Change Cell Size

You can type a desired row height or column width for your cells. If you want, you can click AutoFit, and it will automatically adjust the column widths based on the text inside them.

Merge and Split Cells

Some tables require a layout that doesn't conform to the standard grid. In these cases, you may need to merge or split cells.

Add Rows and Columns

You can insert or delete rows and columns in your table. This can be especially useful if you need to add something to the middle of your table.