In Word themes include a set of colors, fonts, and effects. Learn about using themes in Word in this free lesson.

Customizing themes

Let's say you really like the fonts from one theme, but you'd like to experiment with different color schemes. Word allows you to mix and match the colors, fonts, and effects from different themes to create a unique look for your document. If it still doesn't look exactly right, you can customize the theme colors, fonts, and effects from the Design tab.

When choosing theme colors, try to find a part of your document that uses several colors to get an idea of how the colors will look together.

To save a theme:

Once you've found settings you like, you may want to save the theme so you can use it in other documents.

  1. From the Design tab, click the Themes command, then select Save Current Theme... from the drop-down menu.
    Screenshot of Word 2013Clicking Save Current Theme...
  2. The Save dialog box will appear. Type a name for your theme, then click Save.
    Screenshot of Word 2013Saving the theme
  3. The theme will be saved. You can apply it to any document by selecting it from the available themes.
    Screenshot of Word 2013Selecting the saved theme