Applying and Modifying Styles

Applying styles in Word is useful when you want Word documents to have a more professional look. Modifying Word styles is also possible.


  1. Open our practice document. If you already downloaded our practice document, be sure to download a fresh copy by clicking the link again.
  2. On page 1, select the first line of text Shelbyfield Animal Rescue and change the style to Title.
  3. Select the second line that says August Volunteer Update and change the style to Heading 1.
  4. Select the third line that says A Message From Your Director and change the style to Heading 2.
  5. In the Design tab, change the style set to Casual.
  6. Modify the Normal style so the font is Cambria and the font size is 14 pt.
  7. When you're finished, the first page of your document should look like this:

    Applying Styles Challenge

  8. Optional: Modify the Heading 3 style any way you want. You can change the font, font size, color, and more. This heading appears throughout the document, so try to choose formatting that complements the body text.