Formatting Text

Format text to improve Word documents. Learn how to change the font, change font size, change font color, and change text alignment.


  1. Open our practice document.
  2. Scroll to page 2.
  3. Select the words For Rent and change the font size to 48 pt.
  4. With the text still selected, change the font to Franklin Gothic Demi. Note: If you don't see this font in the menu, you can select a different one.
  5. Use the Change Case command to change For Rent to UPPERCASE.
  6. Change the color of the words For Rent to Gold, Accent 4.
  7. Remove the highlight from the phone number (919-555-7237).
  8. Select all of the text from For Rent to (919-555-7237) and Center Align.
  9. Italicize the text in the paragraph below About Villa Piña.
  10. When you're finished, your page should look like this:
    Formatting Text Challenge