In MS Word bulleted lists can help arrange Word documents so they are clearer. In Word numbered lists can do the same thing.


  1. Open our practice document.
  2. Scroll to page 3.
  3. Select the text under New Members starting with Carolyn and ending with Co-Treasurer, and format it as a bulleted list.
  4. With the text still selected, use the Define New Bullet dialog box to change the bullets to a green star. Hint: You can find a star in the Wingdings font.
  5. Increase the indent level by 1 for the lines Social Media Marketing, Fundraising, and Co-Treasurer.
  6. Increase the indent level by 2 for the line Primarily Europe.
  7. In the Treasurer's Report list, decrease the indent level by 1 for the line Amount available this month.
  8. In the Communications Report list, restart the numbering at 1.
  9. When you're finished, your page should look something like this:
    Lists Challenge