Printing Documents

When using Word printing is an important element. In Word print preview is helpful for viewing Word documents before you print.

Custom printing

Sometimes you may find it unnecessary to print your entire document, in which case custom printing may be more suited for your needs. Whether you're printing several individual pages or a range of pages, Word allows you to specify exactly which pages you'd like to print.

To custom print a document:

If you'd like to print individual pages or page ranges, you'll need to separate each entry with a comma (1, 3, 5-7, or 10-14 for example).

  1. Navigate to the Print pane.
  2. In the Pages: field, enter the pages you want to print.
    Setting pages to print
  3. Click Print.
    Clicking Print

If your document isn't printing the way you want, you may need to adjust some of the page layout settings. To learn more, check out our Page Layout lesson.