Track Changes and Comments

When using Word track changes and comments when collaborating on Word documents. Track changes in Word to ensure error-free files.

Reviewing changes

Tracked changes are really just suggested changes. To become permanent, they must be accepted. On the other hand, the original author may disagree with some of the tracked changes and choose to reject them.

To accept or reject changes:

  1. Select the change you want to accept or reject.
    selecting a change to accept or reject
  2. From the Review tab, click the Accept or Reject command.
    accepting a change
  3. The markup will disappear, and Word will automatically jump to the next change. You can continue accepting or rejecting each change until you have reviewed all of them.
    moving on to the next tracked change
  4. When you're finished, click the Track Changes command to turn off Track Changes.
    turning off track changes

To accept all changes at once, click the Accept drop-down arrow, then select Accept All. If you no longer want to track your changes, you can select Accept All and Stop Tracking.

accepting all changes in a document