Cut, Copy, Paste, and Drag and Drop

Learn how to use the cut copy paste Word XP functions, as well as the drag and drop Word XP functions, in this free lesson.

Cut, copy, and paste

Often in word processing, you will need to transfer information from one document to another. Instead of having to retype or replace this information, Word allows you to move a block of text, such as a word, sentence, paragraph, page, document, or graphic). Cut, copy, and paste are time-saving features. The Cut, Copy and Paste buttons are located on the Standard toolbar.

Cut, Copy, Paste Buttons

Cut and paste

  • The Cut feature allows you to remove selected text from the document and temporarily place it on the Office Clipboard.
  • The clipboard is a temporary storage file in your computer's memory. Items placed on the clipboard will remain there until you exit Word.
  • The Paste feature allows you to get text from the clipboard and place it in the same or even another document.

Copy and paste

  • The Copy feature allows you to copy selected text from the document and temporarily place it on the clipboard.
  • The clipboard can hold up to 25 items. Once you copy the 26th item, the first copied item is deleted.
  • The Paste feature allows you to select any of the collected items on the clipboard and place them in the same or another document.

Important pointYou can copy information from many different sources, including websites, emails, and other Office applications like Excel and PowerPoint.